Saturday, January 26, 2008

Armin and Elaina working in the
yard a couple months back

Anna's knitted hat

Lately the kids have been learning a lot of homemaking skills, as we have been homebound most of the time for the past few months.
Armin loves to do anything outside. He loves yard work; shoveling, filling the wood burner, sports, etc.
Along with their normal chores, schoolwork, piano lessons, etc. Britta, Anna, and Eva are knitting, sewing and doing all of the dishes (as our dishwasher quit working recently).

a hat that Britta knitted

Elaina, Greta and Jena, are helping wherever they can.

Pictures of Jena snapping beans and washing dishes.

Greta keeping busy while we do school

Eva Louise Geaschel

Karina Faith Geaschel-her story can be found at
under the title of KarinaFaithGeaschel

She was born in July with a large facial tumor. She spent over 7 weeks in the hospital, has undergone 5 months of chemotherapy, had a trach since she was 1 week old, ate by feeding tube for the first couple of months, and had countless visits to hospitals.
Through it all, God has helped her through so many situations. We are so thankful to Him for His hand in her life.

And of course, "Mom" and "Dad"


Anna Joy said...

HEY AWESOMENESS welcome to the world of blogging....OOOOO we look forward to seeing your updates...

Anna for the VHS fam

Megan Rose said...

IT LOOKS GREAT!!! I look forward to seeing all the updates:)

Mr. Yen said...

Welcome to the Blogosphere. Thanks for sharing the goings on with the rest of us.