Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Papa's 90th Birthday Weekend

We started out the birhtday celebrations on Friday night at our house. All the relatives who had arrived to town came over for b-b-q. The night ended early, as we all had a busy Saturday to prepare for.Papa (my mom's dad)
Jena is making up to Papa, after being upset with him for over a month.
Elaina and Gramps

Saturday morning we met in the Hospitality Court at Fairhaven, for a big party. Almost all of Papa's family were present. Everyone enjoyed spending time catching up on all the "latest news".

We didn't plan a color scheme, but we had to get a picture of those of us who thought alike that morning. (Aunt Barbie, Melissa, Jammie, Anna, Myself, Becky and little Sunita)
Of course we had to bring some toys for the children.
Some of the cousins met for the first time. Will and Cal had a lot of fun with Elaina and Greta

Papa sees his birthday gift. (A picture frame that plays digital photos. Everyone compiled photos from as far back as Papa's own baby pictures, all the way up to present day, and put them in random order to play continuously.)
Everone else sees his gift. What fun to watch.
The Geaschel kids and cousins: Natalie, Josh and Emma.
David and Drew, with Will and Cal.
The Geaschel kids singing Psalm 139.

Jena and Papa
Most of the Great-Grandkids

Papa has owned 36 cars. He recently gave us his written list, and Bill and I found similar cars on the internet and printed off the pictures for him

Elaina and Will playing
Uncle Larry
Chirag with baby Sunita
Greta and Will chatting, something they are both good at.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Geaschel's Gardens

Back home from Beatty's farm, we replanted the perrenials that we took. Armin and I also made a new flower bed, for Elaina, Greta and Jena to plant some seeds.

We found some wild lionesses in our back yard

Down on Beatty's Farm, once again

The kids and I went back to Beatty's farm today. They are caring for a mare and her foal, who was just born last week. The kids enjoyed petting him, although it was hard work for Beth to hold the 180 lb baby horse still.
The kids also got to gather some goose and chicken eggs, play with a young pig, chase the dogs, and see all the other animals.
The Beatty's also gave us some of their perrenial plants that they were splitting.

The goose egg is in the middle

Elaina and Greta making "salad" for the dogs, by collecting grass and weeds.

Peoria- Part 3

On Saturday morning, the men had more meetings, so the rest of us hung out at the hotel.
The kids swam, then we got our rooms cleaned up, and went to the eating area to play games and color. We also ate lunch together, and then we outside to enjoy some fresh air.
The 2 Maggie's are singing a song about cats to KarinaCamille and Karina enjoying some "down time"

Karina's pre-trip nap, with Maggie Erber

Karina was wide awake for the trip home, and enjoyed playing with a plastie tub.