Saturday, January 3, 2009

New Year's at the Beatty's By Anna

We made some spiral things to hang on the ceiling and here are some of our pictures.

Britta is like, "whoa".
shh Karina is almost a sleep.

Hello girls.

Playing "my neighbors".

I am laughing up a storm.

Elaina remember no running.

Hello MRS. Beatty.

MR. Beatty and Karina.
we are playing a table game and here are some pictures.

Christmas wiht the Morks and Erickson's

Christmas Morning

Christmas Eve at Gramps' and Coco's house By Eva

There is a candy mouse.

Us eating at the table

Our cousins (John and Robert) are asleep
us opening presents
Emma and I playing together
Greta and our cousins
Group picture

Anna built this with connecting discsAunt, uncle family picture
Geaschel Family

Karina , the Little Angel

The kids and I had trouble getting a picture of Karina. She is so busy, and we wanted a picture of her in an angel costume to send to her doctors and therapists. Here are some of the pictures during our time trying to get her to sit still.