Saturday, January 3, 2009

Geocacheing With our relatives By Anna.

ON the Sat. after Thanksgiving, Uncle Dean told us about Geocacheing. Basically, we went out, and using a GPS found small trinkets that had been hidden worldwide, called Geocaches. There were 3 of them with-in 2 miles of our house, so those are the ones that we found. Some were more difficult than others, and one of them was on a cliff under a highway.

Gramps holding Karina.

Gramps, Coco,Uncle Dean,Aunt Dawn.

Looking in the Geo box to see what is in side.
Aunt Dawn found A Geo box and Greta is like, "why did I not find one?".

A walk through the woods.
Our Cousin Josh found a tire.
Our Cousin Josh and Britta, Armin, Eva, Elaina,
Greta, Jena, and I made a fort and here are some of the pictures.

Elaina, Greta, Jena in the fort.

Climbing all around.

Karina is acting like a mounkey

A group picture.

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