Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Down on Beatty's Farm, once again

The kids and I went back to Beatty's farm today. They are caring for a mare and her foal, who was just born last week. The kids enjoyed petting him, although it was hard work for Beth to hold the 180 lb baby horse still.
The kids also got to gather some goose and chicken eggs, play with a young pig, chase the dogs, and see all the other animals.
The Beatty's also gave us some of their perrenial plants that they were splitting.

The goose egg is in the middle

Elaina and Greta making "salad" for the dogs, by collecting grass and weeds.

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~Dawn~ said...

Great pictures you guys! All of us greatly enjoyed your company and we look forward to your next visit :)
~The Beatty Ladies