Thursday, June 25, 2009

Elaina is 6 years old

Elaina's favorite things are yellow chicks and yellow ducks. She woke up to yellow pancakes shaped like ducks, yellow scrambled eggs, and lemon jello with bananas on it.
She also got to use the yellow "I Love You" plate, and her yellow cup.

Some of the girls

Elaina's new yellow dress, and yellow duck

All tired out!!


Jan said...

Happy Birthday, Elaina! Looks like you had a special day!

Mrs. Van Dellen

Kathryn Grace said...

Happy belated birthday, Elaina! I like your new yellow dress! :-)

- Miss Kathryn

~Dawn~ said...

A very Happy Birthday Elaina!!

Your yellow duck is so cute and lovable and your new dress looks so cute on you!

See you tomorrow,
The Beatty Family