Saturday, April 26, 2008

It's Spring!!!

It's Spring. The Geaschel family has been having fun!! The first pictures are taken in our yard, they include: garden planning by Britta and Anna; playing on the swings; bird eggs; and some of our flowers.

Twice we have gone for walks at a forest preserve near our house. We all enjoy being outside enjoying God's creation.

Britta, Anna and Eva rescued 3 baby bunnies this spring. They fed them every 4 hours, around the clock, even setting their alarms to feed them in the middle of the night. The bunnies survived for 4 days. The girls felt sad when they died, but were thankful that they could at least help them to live 4 days longer than they would have in the freezing cold with out their mom.

Another day this spring, we went back to the Beatty Farm. We moved some of their wood that was in their way, and we brought it home to use in our wood burner. We all benefitted from the deal. Of course the children had fun going and playing. They got to help feed goats, and exercise the baby ones. They also got to see the "daddy horse" that was being rented at the time.

A couple more pictures of happy spring days :o)


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