Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Liberty Day 2008

The Fiddlers Three

On Saturday we went to the 10th annual Liberty Day. We enjoyed listening to Dr. Marshall Foster speak about history. We also heard the Caswell kids sing, and the Fiddlers Three play.
Other highlights of the day were for the kids to meet their pen pals, Aelsa, Elliot and Robin Butler.
The boys got to learn how to march and shoot, WWII style.
The girls got a taste of the "Virginia Reel".
We had a great day, even though the youngest few could have used naps.

Britta and Aelsa

Armin, Elliot and Robin

Look Closely and you'll see Armin, off to defend his country

On Sunday morning, we were able to listen to Marshall Foster once more, as well as the Fiddler's Three. They all attended Christ's Church, and we had a great time after dinner singing, clapping, and many joined in playing along with the Fiddlers Three.

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Megan Rose said...

Ya'll got some GREAT pictures:)